The current practice is to employ or hire a person as a document controller. In the case of 4documents a contract is made with a company and not with a natural person. This provides the following benefits to the client:

  • One stop service-provider for document management and document control activities, whereby the level and number of personnel assigned, is aligned with the level and volume of work at hand. We use differentiated tariffs for document management and document control activities. In our experience about 20 to 30% of the total hours spend are management hours against a higher tariff. The balance are hours for routine document control hours against a lower tariff. The client pays a tariff that matches the kind of work performed.
  • The workload of a document controller, especially on projects, can vary greatly. 4documents has the possibility to adjust the amount of resources to match the current workload. This avoids payment of overtime premiums at peak times and payment for hidden idle time at times with a lower workload.
  • Documents, especially on projects, are often received in large batches that require a lot of time from a document controller to process. Prolonged document control durations, results in lesser review time for the project team and a risk to exceed contractual deadlines. The possibility offered by 4documents, to increase resources on short notice is effective to smoothen peaks in the workload. Normally, this kind of work is performed off-site.
  • Personnel of 4documents that are assigned to projects still have a supervisor within 4documents, irrespective if the work is performed on-site or off-site. The supervisor provides leadership, advise and checks the quality of the work performed. This system ensures adequate quality control and provides the client with optimal results. For each employee of 4documents, the know how of the whole organisation is available in support of best practice decisions and outcomes
  • In case of illness, holidays or non-attendance resulting from other causes, a replacement will be provided by 4documents.
  • 4documents offers her services in the languages Dutch, English and German.