About us

  • 4documents is established in 2018 to support projects and companies with the implementation of modern document management systems and/or the execution of document control activities.
  • Recent developments have greatly effected document management, from the steel archive cabinets of the start of this century to the integrated software packages for flow-chart controlled document processing with centralised document storage of today. Modern software packages such as Sharepoint and Aconex are not limited to storage and retrieval of documents only, but offer a platform for collaboration in the creation and handling of documents.
  • 4documents is of the opinion that a well structured document management system is not only crucial for storage and control of documents but also provides a positive contribution to the performance of an organisation as a whole. Especially on large projects, it is always a challenge to achieve an efficient collaboration between the team members who have their origins from different organisations, backgrounds and nationalities. Our experience is that a well structured document control system provides a bottom up contribution to collaboration of such teams. Meeting contractual review deadlines and unproblematic retrieval of documents, even after completion of a project, saves time and money.
  • The new opportunities that modern document management systems offer in combination with the requirements to organisations to exploit this potential, is the basis of the decision to establish 4documents. The developments in the field of digital collaboration and document management are ongoing, as a result the way projects and companies are organised also changes continuously. The times of the dusty archives are over. 4documents supports you to fulfil the potential offered by the ongoing digital developments.