Experience of the founders

Han Schepers

Han Schepers, born in 1963, worked from 1988 to 1996 at Stork Comprimo as costs and contract engineer, from 1997 to 2004 at Nuon International as project manager, and since 2004 as independent consultant. In this period of 30 years, experience is gained on a large number of (wind) energy, oil and gas and chemical projects. The projects varied from small scale to large international projects for multinationals such as Shell, Nam, Nuon and BASF.

Wendy van Tuijl

Wendy van Tuijl, born in 1969, is since 2006 owner of Buro Multa, which offers management support to projects and companies, with a focus on document management. In this period assignments have been completed at profit and non profit organisation in the field of (wind)energy, infrastructural projects and social sector.

Examples of projects on which the founders of 4documents have recently been deployed:

  • Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Sprinter Nieuwe Generatie
  • Eneco, Luchterduinen offshore wind park
  • BASF, TDI project.
  • BESS battery project, Jardelund (Germany)
  • Blauwwind offshore wind park (consortium Eneco, Shell, Van Oord en DGE)